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Experience the best of London and the countryside, explore modern-day attractions, travel back in time with a visit to historic sites or stroll the breathtaking countryside and view natural wonders. All while travelling in style and being royally pampered by your chauffeur.<\/p>

Book half- and full-day private tours if you want to enjoy a leisurely trip or book short sightseeing trips of up to a few hours when you are pressed for time. You can request a pre-planned tour or give us your requirements and have an itinerary tailored to your interests and desires.<\/p>

All arrangements will be made to ensure your trip is truly unforgettable \u2013 from booking tickets to venues and having expert tour guides at your service during your visit to arranging stopovers at the best local restaurants, cafes and hotels so you can recharge and be pampered.<\/p>

Our clients have often opted for tours of popular destinations and iconic landmarks throughout London and the countryside. To give you inspiration, below you can see a few examples of full-day and half-day tours of highly popular destinations.<\/p>

Already know where you are going? You can make an enquiry or request an itinerary right now at<\/strong> info@rvchauffeurs.co.uk<\/a><\/p>

Tours of the Royal Palaces<\/h3>

Tour the London palaces, from the Palace of Westminster and Houses of Parliament where important political matters are arranged to the stately and majestic Buckingham palace, where you can attend the State Rooms and see historic treasures and masterpieces of art.<\/p>

Pay a visit to the hushed St James\u2019s, a former hunting lodge built by Henry VIII or serene Kensington palace, the official residence of many princesses and queens, among which Queen Victoria and Princess Diana.<\/p>

Further afield, you can travel back in time by attending the splendid Hampton Court Palace, once residence to Henry VIII and his many wives or visit Windsor Castle, today\u2019s official residence of the Queen, and see modern-day halls and chambers used for State Receptions.<\/p>

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Leeds Castle & Canterbury Cathedral<\/h3>

Perched on an island amidst the river Len and furbished in a modern style dating to the early 20th<\/sup> century, this charming medieval castle has seen many a turbulent and great events throughout its long history.<\/p>

Hear tales of sieges and battles, of prisoners, knights and witches, and of the kings and queens who have resided or stayed at the castle. You will also have a chance to admire exquisite art and the castle\u2019s pristine natural surroundings teeming with wildlife.<\/p>

Not far from Leeds Castle, Canterbury Cathedral has also been the site of many a great historic events and religious pilgrimage. The nearby coast offers opportunities for romantic walks, water sports, dining and shopping.<\/p>

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Roman Baths & Modern Spa in Bath<\/h3>

Soak in the charms of historic Bath and see the beautifully preserved ruins of the Roman baths with their numerous pools and halls before heading to a modern-day spa where you can be pampered and rejuvenated by the refreshing powers of the hot mineral waters.<\/p>

Bath offers many other diversions, as well, among which exquisite galleries and museums, fine dining and shopping offers and several spectacular, landscaped gardens and parks.<\/p>

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Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral<\/h3>

Ponder the mystery of Stonehenge that has puzzled many a great mind and if you are an early riser, take an opportunity to visit at sunrise. A private viewing of the ancient site at the break of dawn is an experience that you will likely remember for a long time.<\/p>

Take a stroll down the halls of Lacock Abbey, soaking in the medieval charm and mystery of the cloisters set amidst serene countryside and 13th<\/sup> century cottages. Many famous Hollywood productions were filmed here, among which Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter.<\/p>

Finally, head to Salisbury Cathedral, built on a spot not far from where William the Conqueror erected his first fortification on English land. Today this enchanting architectural marvel is a fantastic spot to learn about a millennia of history and to stroll the serene gardens and lawns.<\/p>

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Oxford and Blenheim Palace<\/h3>

Marvel the \u201cdreaming spires\u201d of Oxford and take a stroll among the breathtaking buildings and gardens of the numerous Colleges. Indulge in a shopping spree at the 200-year-old covered market where beside browsing artisanal and boutique items you can also taste alluring hand-made treats.<\/p>

You can witness some of the many traditions in Oxfordshire which run far back in time. The Henley Royal Regatta that has been held in July for centuries is a great showcase of sporting prowess and a must-see for any sports enthusiast. Throughout the rest of the year you can get a breath of fresh air and stroll the spectacular countryside walks of the county.<\/p>

Visit Blenheim palace, the jewel of Oxfordshire and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. Beyond the grand architectural splendour of the halls and the splendid art housed within the palace, the surrounding gardens offer an opportunity for strolls in breathtaking surroundings.<\/p>

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